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Double-A Chain WEEKLY

September 5 — September 9

1. Product update

(1)、The background management function of the official website of AAC PASS is more than half developed, and the UI design is optimized at the same time.

(2)、The design of the AAC PASS encrypted planet invitation reward mechanism is completed, and the contract development is started.

2. AAC market conditions

The highest AAC price this week was $0.001163

The lowest AAC price this week was $0.00091

The price of AAC at the time of the news was $0.001

Trend chart

1. Community situation

Twitter:84127 Telegram:77499 Medium:

2. Operation progress


We co-hosted the second AMA with the exchange Coinup on September 5. The guests introduced the advantages of coinup and the Crypto Planet project launched by AAC.

2) AAC listed on Coinup exchange

We reached a cooperation with coinup, and AAC officially launched coinup. At the same time, 7-day reward activities will be carried out, including trading competitions and reward deposits. Participants can share AAC rewards worth 10,000 USDT.

3) Retweet to get rewards

In order to allow more people to participate in the AAC trading competition in coinup, we have designed a Twitter retweet to draw a lottery.

4) Official website upgrade 2.0

The background management development of the AAC PASS 2.0 website continues, and the development of the invitation reward contract and the addition of the ecological introduction column are opened.


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