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August 8-August 14

Double-A Chain|$AAC
2 min readAug 15, 2022

1. Product

Double-A Chain issued the genesis NFT — AAC PASS, with 50 pieces on sale in the first phase on August 8th.

Double-A Chain’s NFT transaction in iNFTspace is officially launched. Creators can create collections, mint NFTs, and trade with zero gas, helping more users to play NFTs with lower thresholds.。

2. AAC Market

High $ 0.00161

Low $ 0.00122

Now $ 0.0012


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4. Operations


We carefully studied and discussed the planning of the second phase of AAC PASS after the launch of the Country PASS, including the new NFT PASS gameplay that will be launched.

2)Making AAC PASS Purchase Tutorial

In order to make it easier for new users to purchase AAC PASS, we have made a tutorial for users to purchase AAC PASS in iNFTspace.

3)AMA with MetaCity

We held a joint AMA for Double-A Chain and MetaCity in the telegram group, and introduced the cooperation between the two parties in detail, and the future plan for MetaCity to be deployed on Double-A Chain.

4)AAC PASS supports Spanish

In order to facilitate more users from non-English speaking countries, we will add Spanish to the AAC PASS page. More languages will be supported in the future.


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Double-A Chain|$AAC

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