Double-A Chain WEEKLY

September 12 — September 16


1️⃣The development of the background management function of the official website of AAC PASS has accelerated, and the UI design is expected to be completed before the end of this month.

2️⃣The functional development of the AAC PASS Crypto Planet invitation reward mechanism has been completed 50%.

2.AAC Market

High $ 0.00121

Low $ 0.000805

Now $ 0.0008\


Twitter:83571 Telegram:76702 Medium:742



After the trading competition, we held a raffle in conjunction with the exchange Coinup.

2️⃣Website 2.0

More than half of the Spanish translation of the AAC PASS 2.0 website has been completed, and all translations are expected to be completed this week.

3️⃣Booming Plan

AAC has launched the Booming Plan, a detailed ecosystem development plan, which will be officially announced to the global community in the near future.

4️⃣Japanese actress collaboration

We have reached a preliminary cooperation intention with three famous Japanese female stars, and will issue their personal image NFT based on the AAC chain in the future.


Official Website:








Double-A Chain is a high-speed, safe, and low-cost blockchain network. Official web: Twitter:

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