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August 15-August 21

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2 min readAug 22, 2022

1. Product

1️⃣AAC PASS has added a new member — Bogeyman, and it is expected to open the reservation this week. Holding Bogeyman can enjoy the benefits of pledge income, transaction mining, new NFT projects whitelist, ecological booming prosperity bonus and other rights.

2️⃣AAC PASS has launched the “Crypto Planet” plan. After launching the Country PASS and Bogeyman, other NFT series will be launched one after another to form different races of the Crypto Planet and jointly build and share the benefits of the Crypto Planet.

2. AAC Market

High$ 0.00161

Low$ 0.000712

Now$ 0.000959

3. Community

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4. Operation&Events


We have made an equity plan for the new members of AAC PASS, Bogeyman, and believe that it will attract more people to participate in the AAC PASS ecosystem.

2️⃣ AAC intro

With the launch of the new NFT and Crypto Planet plan by AAC PASS, in order to let partners understand our ecological development in more detail, we have produced the latest version of the project introduction deck.

3️⃣AAC PASS Official website upgrade plan

In order to adapt to the development of AAC PASS, we have made a detailed upgrade plan for the future upgrade of the official website, and will implement the update and upgrade of the official website soon.


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