Double-A Chain WEEKLY

October 31 — November 4

1. Product

1)AAC PASS Crypto Planet USDT purchase function is added.

2)The “ecological page” of the AAC official website has supported Vietnamese, Filipino, and Korean.

2. Market

High $ 0.000792

Low $ 0.000699

Now $ 0.000709

3. Community

Twitter:83297 Telegram:70200 Medium:742

4. Operation&Events

1)Crypto Planet completes global public beta

In order to better improve the product experience, we launched a global public beta activity to the community, and the community responded enthusiastically.

2)AAC official website ecological page planning completed

The AAC official website continues to be updated and iterative. We will launch the AAC ecological page soon. At present, the content has been planned and the content documents in English, Chinese and Malay have been completed.

3)New collections on AAC Chain

Last week, some community creators indicated that they would issue new NFTs on the AAC chain, and may airdrop crypto planet users.


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Double-A Chain is a high-speed, safe, and low-cost blockchain network. Official web: Twitter:

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