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August 22-August 28

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2 min readAug 29, 2022


1️⃣The new member of AAC PASS, Bogeyman, officially opened the reservation. Holding Bogeyman can enjoy the benefits of pledge income, transaction mining, whitelisted NFT, ecological booming prosperity bonus and other rights.

2️⃣The AAC official website has added 9 languages, plus the previously supported English and Spanish, a total of 11 languages are supported. It basically meets the language needs of mainstream crypto users.

3️⃣The AAC PASS website has started planning for version 2.0 and will be deployed online soon.

2.AAC Market

High $ 0.00131

Low $ 0.000772

Now $ 0.000888


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1️⃣ Bogeyman reservation

The new member of AAC PASS “Bogeyman” officially opened the reservation on August 24th. Bogeyman is the first member of the the Crypto Planet. The holder can enjoy multiple rights and interests. We have received many applications from community members.

2️⃣ Quiz with prize

We held a quiz on the price of Bogeyman on Twitter, and selected 5 lucky winners, each rewarded with 1000AAC.

3️⃣ Twitter Space

We organized an interesting Twitter space in conjunction with the crypto media. AAC Asia ambassador Brandon participated and discussed the topic of how to invest in NFTs under the current market conditions on behalf of AAC.

4️⃣ 50% off AAC bridge fees

In order to reduce the cross-chain cost of users, the cross-chain fee of AAC Bridge has been launched with a 50% discount for 3 months from last week.

5️⃣ AAC PASS Website Upgrade

In order to provide users with a more friendly experience, we have begun to revise and iterate on the AAC PASS website. The new website will give more detailed instructions on how to play AAC PASS.


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