Double-A Chain WEEKLY

August 1-August 7

  1. Product

Double-A Chain’s issuance of Genesis NFT has entered the final test, the online reservation function has been opened, and the first AAC PASS public sale will be opened on August 8.

Users only need to stake 10 million AAC to get AAC PASS on iNFTspace.

2、Market 8.1–8.7

High $ 0.0016

Low $ 0.00123

Now $ 0.0015

3. Communities

Twitter: 85254 Telegram: 83771 Medium: 738

4. Events

1) Global media coverage of AAC PASS

More than 400 media around the world, including Digital Journal, Dailyherald, pawtuckettimes, yournewsnet, etc., reported on the ecological development of Double-A Chain and the launch of AAC PASS.

2) AAC PASS brand promotional video

We have produced excellent AAC pass promotional videos through professional advertising companies, which have played a huge role in promoting AAC PASS in the market.。

3) AMA

We held a special ama on Double-A Chain and AAC PASS in the telegram group, which introduced the rights and interests of AAC PASS in detail, and the community feedback was enthusiastic.

4) Gleam rewarded tasks

We held a prize-winning task with a total of 500,000 AAC prizes, thousands of people participated in our event, and we will distribute the prizes within 7 working days after the event ends.

5) AAC PASS opens an reservation

Last week, we opened AAC PASS online reservation, and more than 100 users filled in the reservation information and expressed their willingness to purchase AAC PASS.


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