Double-A Chain | Weekly Report №198(2022.1.31–2022.2.6)

— — Operation progress — —

  1. The recruitment of Double-A Chain Supernodes is in progress. Teams from all over the world have submitted applications to us to become the supernode of Double-A Chain, and we are reviewing these applications.
  2. Our team has completed the development of the blockchain browser testnet.
  3. We previously launched a poll on “what do you think the price of bitcoin will be by the end of this month” on the official Twitter. As of the end of last week’s event, 58.8% of our community users believe that Bitcoin will return to the price range above 40k by the end of January. Our community is undoubtedly correct; as of now, the Bitcoin price has returned to 42k.
  4. The project party is actively considering recruiting partners as regional ambassadors in the global market in the future to expand the influence of Double-A Chain in the region.
  5. Please subscribe to our official announcements and community developments for more recent developments.

— — This week market trend — —

Week High: $0.007047

— — Official community — —




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Double-A Chain|$AAC

Double-A Chain|$AAC

Double-A Chain is a high-speed, safe, and low-cost blockchain network. Official web: Twitter: