Double-A Chain | Weekly Report №200(2022.2.14–2022.2.20)

Double-A Chain|$AAC
2 min readFeb 21, 2022


— — This Week Market Trend — —

AAC trended upwards through the first half of the week and reached a recent high of 0.0139 on Thursday.

Week High: $0.01390

Week low: $ 0.008963

Price when writing: $0.009469

AAC’s trend this week.

Bitcoin trended up first and then down as well, the first half went up, the second half went down.

Week High: $45825.96

Week low: $41420.01

Price when writing: $41902.05

— — Operational Progress — —

  1. Compose of our developer documentation has entered a new stage, and the initial version of the developer documentation will be completed soon;
  2. The development of the new official website passed halfway, and will meet with users soon;
  3. AAC rosed two rounds this week, and the price reached a recent high of 0.013900 on Thursday;
  4. Our team is negotiating with a blockchain game team that is interested in cooperation, and their games may launch on Double-A Chain in the future;
  5. Please subscribe to our official announcements and community developments for more recent developments.

— — News — —

  1. Bitcoin Under Pressure, Lower Support at $30K-$35K.
  2. Market Wrap: Bitcoin and Altcoins Dip Amid Russia, Ukraine Uncertainty.
  3. Crypto Funds Saw Fourth Week of Inflows as Ether Funds Turned Around.

The new Double-A Chain will have better performance on Metaverse Web 3. To accelerate the growth of Double-A Chain market share and the number of users, our team has been working on NFT and Metaverse Web 3 technology accumulation for the past six months.

Now, Double-A Chain is about to complete the upgrade will fully support high-frequency and high-volume trading. On top of that, our team expects the chain to enter the Metaverse to create a Metaverse Web 3 ecosystem. At present, Double-A Chain has formulated a corresponding Metaverse Web 3 incubation and distribution plan. Our team is committing to launch a series of Metaverse Web 3 related applications when our Double-A Chain mainnet goes online.

— — Official Community — —






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