Double-A Chain | Weekly Report №201(2022.2.21–2022.2.27)

Double-A Chain|$AAC
2 min readFeb 28, 2022


— — This Week Market Trend — —

Week High: $0.009086

Week low: $0.007634

Price when writing: $0.008492

AAC’s trend this week.

Week High: $40300.00

Week low: $34322.26

Price when writing: $37918.49

BTC’s trend this week.

— — Operational Progress — —

  1. We have deployed our validator stake function to the testnet on Feb 21. To ensure the reliability of that function, many rounds of tests still need to be performed. Join our official communities and stay tuned for the latest news.
  2. Our team deployed the beta version of Double-A Chain’s blockchain explorer on Feb 22. To ensure the reliability of our explorer, our team will perform many rounds of tests. Join our official communities and stay tuned for the latest news.
  3. The Double-A Chain developer documentation version 1.0 has been completed and deployed on the official website via MARKDOWN soon.
  4. Upgrade of the Double-A Chain is nearing completion, and the new chain is expected to be launched in March. At least three rounds of internal testing will be conducted before the official launch.
  5. Please subscribe to our official announcements and community developments for more recent developments.

— — News — —

  1. Crypto Market Capitalization Slumps to $1.5T as Russia Attacks Ukraine.
  2. Ethereum Gets an Upgraded Scaling Testnet — And It’s Actually Years Ahead of Schedule.
  3. Ex-Meta Coders Raising $200M to Bring Diem Blockchain to Life: Sources.

The new Double-A Chain will have better performance on Metaverse Web 3. To accelerate the growth of Double-A Chain market share and the number of users, our team has been working on NFT and Metaverse Web 3 technology accumulation for the past six months.

Now, Double-A Chain is about to complete the upgrade will fully support high-frequency and high-volume trading. On top of that, our team expects the chain to enter the Metaverse to create a Metaverse Web 3 ecosystem. At present, Double-A Chain has formulated a corresponding Metaverse Web 3 incubation and distribution plan. Our team is committing to launch a series of Metaverse Web 3 related applications when our Double-A Chain mainnet goes online.

— — Official Community — —






Double-A Chain|$AAC

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