Double-A Chain | Weekly Report №205(2022.3.21–2022.3.27)

— — This Week Market Trend — —

AAC’s trend this week.

Week High: $0.012799

Week low: $0.010031

Price when writing: $0.010505

BTC’s trend this week.

Week High: $45090.33

Week low: $40756.52

Price when writing: $47033.25

— — Operational Progress — —

  1. Our massive airdrop event ended this Wednesday, March 23rd. Over 130,000 users participated in our event. This event brings a lot of blockchain enthusiasts to our community.
  2. We have released the airdrop winner’s list today. Please check our medium account for the complete winner’s list. Congrats to all the winners! Don’t be sad if you are not one of them, we will hold multiple events soon. Stay tuned!
  3. As we have released the winner’s list, we will soon begin to distribute the airdrops to everyone’s wallet. This process could take up to 10 business days. Remember, you have to add the Double-A Chain network to your wallet before you can see AACs in your pocket. For instruction on how to add the network, check this article If you have any questions, you can always send us an e-mail at
  4. We are almost ready to add another multi-language support to it. We will add Espanol as our first additional language to support our Spanish-speaking community! What’s the next language? Leave comments in our Telegram group and help us to decide.
  5. This week, our tech team has been working on some scratches of our Mainnet explorer. They have also put some effort into testing transmission between our validators.
  6. Please subscribe to our official announcements and community developments for more recent developments.

— — News — —

  1. Bitcoin’s Correlation to S&P 500 Hits 17-Month High
  2. Cryptos Reclaim $2T Capitalization, Cardano’s ADA Leads Gains in Majors
  3. Bitcoin Retakes $44K Amid Broad Crypto Rally

The new Double-A Chain will have better performance on Metaverse Web 3. To accelerate the growth of Double-A Chain market share and the number of users, our team has been working on NFT and Metaverse Web 3 technology accumulation for the past six months.

Now, Double-A Chain is about to complete the upgrade will fully support high-frequency and high-volume trading. On top of that, our team expects the chain to enter the Metaverse to create a Metaverse Web 3 ecosystem. Double-A Chain has formulated a corresponding Metaverse Web 3 incubation and distribution plan. Our team is committing to launch a series of Metaverse Web 3 related applications when our Double-A Chain mainnet goes online.

— — Official Community — —

Official website:



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Double-A Chain|$AAC

Double-A Chain|$AAC

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