Double-A Chain | Weekly Report №206(2022.3.28–2022.4.3)

— — This Week Market Trend — —

AAC’s trend this week.

Week High: $0.01000

Week low: $0.011001

Price when writing: $0.010151

BTC’s trend this week.

Week High: $48200.77

Week low: $44216.85

Price when writing: $45914.00

  1. We’ve released the airdrop winner’s list this week. Please check this link to see if you are one of the lucky ones.
  2. We have started to send out airdrops last Thursday, and the progress is almost done. Be patient if you haven’t gotten yours. We will get yours in your wallet. If you are using wallets, not on our recommended list, you may find it difficult to see your airdrops. We recommend you import your wallet to MetaMask and add our network. Then you should be able to see the airdrop.
  3. The preliminary schedule for the chain swap on Huobi is settled. The progress will start probably next week. After the swap, users will be able to trade their new AAC on Huobi. We will announce once we can provide further information to our community.
  4. ¡Comunidad de habla hispana! ¡Mira esto! We have launched our Español website this week to enhance a better user experience for the Spanish-speaking community. We will continue to add more languages to serve our global users better.
  5. We will soon introduce you to our latest on-chain DApp, the AAC bridge. This will enlarge the Double-A Chain ecosystem and provide a convenient tool for our community. The bridge will also come with multi-language support to serve our global users better.
  6. Please subscribe to our official announcements and community developments for more recent developments.
  1. EU Parliament Passes Privacy-Busting Crypto Rules Despite Industry Criticism
  2. Elizabeth Warren Calls for US to Create a CBDC
  3. Bitcoin Holds Support Above $44K; Resistance at $48K-$51K

The new Double-A Chain will have better performance on Metaverse Web 3. To accelerate the growth of Double-A Chain market share and the number of users, our team has been working on NFT and Metaverse Web 3 technology accumulation for the past six months.

Now, Double-A Chain is about to complete the upgrade will fully support high-frequency and high-volume trading. On top of that, our team expects the chain to enter the Metaverse to create a Metaverse Web 3 ecosystem. Double-A Chain has formulated a corresponding Metaverse Web 3 incubation and distribution plan. Our team is committing to launch a series of Metaverse Web 3 related applications when our Double-A Chain mainnet goes online.

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