Double-A Chain | Weekly Report №210(2022.4.25–2022.5.1)

AAC’s trading is suspended at Huobi due to the ongoing chain swap.

Week High: N/A

Week low: N/A

Price when writing: N/A

BTC’s trend this week.

Week High: $40794.78

Week low: $37483.74

Price when writing: $38742.99

— — Operational Progress — —

  1. Our chain swap on Huobi is entering the final stage. We recommend that our community members stay patient. Our best estimate for our chain reopening for trade is still around early May. We will keep our community posted once we have a confirmed date for trading to resume.
  2. Over 200 media covered our chain swap last week. Digital Journal, one of the most extensive global digital media networks, shared extreme interest in our project and introduced some latest visions of our project. You can check the full article here.
  3. Our team put a Quiz out on the AAC Bridge with a prize pool this week. We wanted to help our community members better understand our newly launched bridge. The event is ended now, and we received over 2000 responses. We thank all community members who participated in our event, and we will announce the winners’ list as soon as possible.
  4. AAC Bridge is launched this week! You can now experience the cross-chain transfer of AAC between the Double-A Chain and Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and HECO. See if AAC Bridge supports your language. Leave a comment, and let us know what you think about our bridge.
  5. Please subscribe to our official announcements and community developments for more recent developments.

— — Crypto World News — —

  1. Please Don’t Buy a ‘KYC’d’ Wallet for the Bored Apes Team’s Otherside Mint
  2. Solana Goes Dark for 7 Hours as Bots Swarm ‘Candy Machine’ NFT Minting Tool
  3. Slashes Card Rewards, CRO Tokens Drop 11% as Community Reacts

The new Double-A Chain will have better performance on Metaverse Web 3. To accelerate the growth of Double-A Chain market share and the number of users, our team has been working on NFT and Metaverse Web 3 technology accumulation for the past six months.

Now, Double-A Chain is about to complete the upgrade will fully support high-frequency and high-volume trading. On top of that, our team expects the chain to enter the Metaverse to create a Metaverse Web 3 ecosystem. Double-A Chain has formulated a corresponding Metaverse Web 3 incubation and distribution plan. Our team is committing to launch a series of Metaverse Web 3-related applications when our Double-A Chain mainnet goes online.

— — Official Community — —

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Double-A Chain|$AAC

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