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Hello everyone, I am Roy, the host. Welcome to this AMA. Today’s AMA will introduce the newly launched Double-A Chain Genesis NFT — -AAC PASS in detail. To this end, we specially invited jason, one of the ambassadors of the AAC global community, to explain to you what specific rights AAC PASS will bring to the holders, as well as the relevant plans of AAC PASS in the future.

Now, first of all, jason would like to say hi to everyone.

Jason:Hi, my name is jason, one of the AAC global ambassadors. I am very happy to talk to you about AAC PASS today.


As we all know, although BTC and ETH have risen, the NFT market is still affected by the overall decline in the price of the entire cryptocurrency market, leading some people to think that the NFT bubble has burst. All kinds of panic, I saw a picture posted by someone in a community before, the title is NFT blue chip 600+ drop, the boring ape U standard dropped 76% from the highest point, punk dropped 72%, Moonbird dropped 80%, NFT worlds fell 92% and so on.

What is your opinion on this, and in this market context, AAC PASS is still being introduced to the market, is there any secret weapon?


Although the current NFT market is less popular than the previous peak period, I still firmly believe in the value of NFT. The current market situation should be a clear cyclical fluctuation.

At a time when the popularity of NFT and the entire encryption market is declining, Double-A Chain’s launch of AAC PASS is definitely prepared and confident. AAC PASS is a genesis NFT issued by Double-A Chain. It has many major rights and interests. Today, I will introduce it to friends in the community in detail.


That’s great, then please tell us about AAC PASS and its benefits in detail.


AAC PASS is a genesis NFT issued by Double-A Chain, including Country PASS and City PASS. Among them, the Country PASS issued in the early stage is known as the world’s first “Centurion” PASS in the cryptoworld. The total number of Country PASS is only 197, and each Country PASS has many major rights and interests.

National PASS can only be applied through the whitelist mechanism. Currently, AAC PASS has opened the official website for appointment. You can go to to apply. Next Monday, that is, at 09:00 UTC on August 8, the first batch of national PASS limited to 50 will be officially launched.

Each piece of Country PASS represents a country, a culture, and a language, which together form an integral part of the encrypted world map.

Country PASS brief

Every Country PASS represents a country, a culture, and a language, which together form an indispensable part of the world map. The value of AAC PASS lies in condensing the consensus ideas of global AAC users , to achieve decentralization of rights and interests through AAC PASS, and jointly promote the development of the new generation of Web3 underlying facilities — Double-A Chain (AAC).

Country PASS is divided into four levels, which are sold in the form of mystery boxes, and users can obtain them randomly.

Country PASS equity 1 — Top Status Symbol in cryptoworld

Holders can join the “Centurion Club”, participate in club activities held from time to time, share and gather top-level resources, expand top-level contacts, and seek top-level wealth opportunities.

Country PASS equity 2 — Staking reward

AAC pioneered the combination of Token pledge and NFT PASS, and the rewards are certain and generous. Holding Country PASS can get different staking rewards according to different levels within one year. This pledge guarantees the holder’s currency-standard stable reward, which is different from the uncertainty of other NFTs that rely on their own appreciation to gain income.

Reward per block = total reward amount / (365 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds / 3 seconds)

More importantly, AAC PASS does not need to spend tokens to mint, but through Staking 10 million AAC tokens to draw mystery boxes on the iNFTspace platform.

Country PASS equity 3 — NFT mystery box airdrop

In addition to the certain staking rewards, holders of Country PASS can also receive NFT mystery box airdrop rewards issued on the Double-A Chain chain and sold on the iNFTspace platform, at least one NFT from each collection. This means that all Country PASS holders can obtain an unlimited number of NFT blind boxes. It will greatly increase the chances of obtaining new blue chips NFTs.

Country PASS equity 4 — Equal share of handling fees

30% of the transaction fee on the Double-A Chain on the inftspace platform is divided equally. This is another reward with huge potential. Even if the future transaction volume of iNFTspace only grows to one-tenth of that of Opensea, each AAC PASS holder can share a very considerable platform fee. Holders can enjoy the rights and interests of platform partners, enjoy sustainable benefits, and grow together with the platform.

Country PASS equity 5 — Country PASS staking power increase

National PASS holders will receive the second batch of NFT airdrops, which is the city PASS we will launch. And as the community or secondary market buys city PASS, the pledge computing power of the national PASS will be increased, which will increase the pledge income of the national PASS. Of course, this is dynamic, and we will introduce specific rules in the future.

The above are the current core rights and interests of the national PASS.


The benefits of AAC PASS are really great. Will there be new benefits in the future?


In the future, AAC PASS will provide more new ways to play as it continues to develop. For example, AAC PASSS will be a tool for NFT project parties to sell their expectations in advance. To a certain extent, AAC PASS will condense the resources of other NFT projects, carry out multi-party market cooperation, and help them launch their offspring NFTs, develop metaverse, Cooperate with IP to enter the real industry, service industry and so on.


How to get AAC PASS


Step 1 Reservation: Go to, fill out the form to make reservation

Step 2 Stake AAC: Stake 10000000 AAC and get random level AAC PASS

AAC PASS — Guaranteed staking reward.


Can you tell us about the new developments in the main chain of double-a chain and its ecology?


Double-A Chain is a new Layer 2 public chain featuring high transaction speed, low handling fee, and compatibility with smart contracts. It provides high-performance underlying facilities and solutions for the construction of Web3, Gamefi, NFT and the Metaverse.

As a Layer 2 platform and protocol, Double-A Chain greatly enhances the scalability of the entire blockchain network by transferring part of the data of the main chain to Layer 2. Double-A Chain aims to become the top 10 new public chains in the world by 2024.


OK, thank you very much Jason for your detailed answer, and thanks to Ben and Tim Ho for their participation, and to all the friends who participated.

Due to time constraints, today’s AMA is temporarily here.

Thank you all and bye.



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